Annual Meeting

Save the Date! February 7-10, 2015

The annual meeting of the Living Stones Partnership is an energizing formational event over several days in which we learn, offer consultation, share resources, and connect with colleagues.

Attendance at the annual meeting of the Partnership, which is held each February, is open to members, their team of representatives, and individuals or ministries inquirers who wish to learn more about the Partnership and/or ministry development (guests). Membership is open to dioceses, seminaries, communities of faith, ministries, and individuals who are involved in ministry development/re-development or interested in ministry development concerns. Although each of the current members is affiliated with either the Anglican Church of Canada or the Episcopal Church, Anglican affiliation is not a requirement.

The 2015 Annual Meeting will begin Saturday, February 7, at noon with registration and end the following Tuesday, February 10, at 12 Noon. Each institutional member has a Coordinator, each of whom is involved in the planning of the annual meeting throughout the year and also around the annual meeting. Thus, Coordinators for institutional members also will have a planning meeting for the morning of February 7 and a follow-up planning meeting for the afternoon and evening of February 10.

Meals included in the $175 per-person registration fee for the annual meeting are: Saturday dinner; Sunday lunch; and Monday lunch and dinner. Those attending are responsible for all other meals, and Sunday evening is a free evening for getting with colleagues and/or team members for an evening of conversation, fun and food.

The heart of the annual meeting is the presentation of case studies by member teams and individuals to two or more other member teams or individuals in small groups. These presentations—case studies—provide for sharing, reflection, critique, and celebration among members. Copies of all written presentations are made available to all other member teams and individuals in December and January before the meeting.

For purposes of advance planning, the 2015 annual meeting schedule is as follows:

  • Sat. Feb. 7: Orientation, welcome, worship, a panel discussion with our international colleagues, dinner, and social and reflection time
  • Sun. Feb. 8: Holy Eucharist, community response to Saturday’s panel discussion, lunch, and the first case study presentation, followed by a “free” evening
  • Mon. Feb. 9: Morning worship, second case study, lunch, third case study, dinner, and further discussions and reflections
  • Tues. Feb. 10: “Wrap-up” discussions and meetings; end at 12 Noon.

Pushing the Edges in Ministry Development: International Symposium for 2015

In lieu of one or two workshops coordinated by the Ministry Development Collaborative, for 2015 there will be an International Symposium for persons across the globe interested in ministry development concerns. The International Symposium is organized by the Ministry Development Collaborative and its own planning group.

The symposium will occur February 1-6, 2015. All attending the International Symposium are invited to register and attend the annual Living Stones Partnership meeting as members, team members, or visitors. To accommodate the calendars of those not attending the annual meeting as members or team members, the panel discussions involving international guests will occur Saturday and Sunday of the Partnership meeting.

Click here for more information about the Symposium.

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